The Tavistock Volunteer Fire Department consists of 19 dedicated members including 1 Chief, 1 Deputy Chief and 3 Captains along with 14 Firefighters. The health and safety of our residents - day in and day out - is our number one priority. As the providers of essential services, we recognize that we have a responsibility to protect what our citizen’s value. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously.

 The fire department is responsible for a wide range of activities. These include firefighting and performing activities such as the removal of trapped victims from vehicles or building may be required. The firefighters are also trained in advanced first aid and would assist in the treatment and evacuation of individuals when required. Our fire personnel train on a continuous basis to ensure their ability to respond to emergencies with the township and handle them in a fast and efficient manner.

 The Green Light

As the population of Tavistock grows it has become apparent that many people do not know about the flashing green lights that volunteer firefighters use in their vehicles. Volunteer fire departments; like ours in Tavistock, rely on people who have other careers to respond to calls. Our firefighters do not man the station the way that full-time departments do. When someone calls 9-1-1 the information is given to our dispatch station which is located in Woodstock, the dispatch office then puts out a page. Each firefighter carries a pager that gives us information related to the call, it is at this point that we are required to respond to the fire hall to get the equipment and trucks required to deal with the situation. Each firefighter responds to the fire hall in their own vehicle which is equipped with a flashing green light, the green light is simply a way for the public to know that this person is a firefighter and that they are responding to an emergency situation. We ask that if you see a vehicle responding with the green light flashing please pull over and let them pass, obviously the quicker we get to the hall the quicker we can respond to the situation. By no means does this green light give the firefighter any special privilege to disobey highway and traffic laws. You might also notice that sometimes a vehicle will be using the flashing green light but will not be responding to the fire hall, depending on the situation there will often be some vehicles traveling directly to the scene as opposed to the fire hall. Usually the fire Chief or a Captain always responds directly to the scene in their own vehicle, this way they can size up the situation and relay this information to the responding firefighters so that they can prepare a game plan on route. The flashing green lights are a part of our emergency operating procedures and with the public’s cooperation they can be very effective in keeping response times down, especially as the village grows and traffic increases.


 If you see a vehicle with a green flashing light, please move over to the right of the road to allow the vehicle with the green flashing light to pass. The green flashing light means that a Volunteer Firefighter is responding to an emergency call.


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